Like many small businesses in recent years, book-selling has traveled down a financial rocky road, but always, we believed many readers retained a desire to discover the pleasure in reading real books. Other forms have found their niche, but they are not what we stock or offer to our clientele. Please browse our lists of Australian and world titles (click on products to see our special Australiana Collection of books & other items for sale). Also included may be masterpieces of Nineteenth Century book-binding, and ephemeral, original & rare ‘one-off’ documents. We also list a selection of Australia & World titles on Biblio.com – search: B.W.Peade bookseller, also Ebay.com.au (name – Tastiger1)

Regards, Sue Waters & Barry Peade, booksellers.

       We have landed back in Tasmania – that’s the good news. The bad news is we are still sorting books to include on this site, they will not necessarily be overwhelmingly Tasmanian subjects but will include a variety of Australian titles, and non-Australian titles. We are also editing the current listings to omit items obviously of little interest.  Please bear with us to view an improved site. We will be off-line with our Biblio/Bookfinder sites until some time in December, 2019. Thanks for your patience. Sue & Barry